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A few of the things you can accomplish through hypnotherapy are to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

Stress is so prevalent in life today. It is wonderful to learn ways to manage your stress levels so you can be more at ease. Hypnosis gives you tools to relax and center yourself throughout the day making it easier for you to resume your busy day with a calm and composed approach.

  • Increase job and/or sports performance

If you want to increase your performance whether in work or sports, hypnosis can help you set and reach new levels. When you stay focused on positive performance and believe in yourself, you can achieve greater levels of performance in any area.

  • End fears and phobias

Fears are things you can control but are not enjoyable. Phobias control you and your life. You can uncover the root of your feelings and reduce the effect of fears and phobias.

  • End insomnia

It is so frustrating when you cannot sleep at night. Insomnia affects your attitude, your performance, and prevents you from doing things because you are so tired. You can regain a natural sleep pattern again with hypnosis.

  • Improve self esteem

If you find yourself spewing a lot of negative self-talk and want to feel better about yourself, you can change how you think. By understanding how you developed negative behaviors, you can release the obstruction and start to feel good about yourself.

  • Ease grief and depression

Through hypnosis, you can ease the painful grips of grief and depression. By working with these powerful emotions, you can get clarity and relief from your overwhelming feelings..

  • Eliminate destructive behavior

If you have a pattern of destructive behavior that continually appears in your life, you can uncover the deeper roots through hypnosis. By changing the behavior pattern so it is positive and self-loving, you get more productive results.

  • Natal Regression Therapy

You begin to accept or decide things about yourself and life as early as conception and time in the womb. Sometimes your birth process imprints your lives as well. Find out if you have underlying thoughts affecting your life today.

  • Quit smoking

If you are ready to let go of smoking, hypnosis can help you reach your goal. You can do it! This program is tailored specifically to you, so you can feel secure while you give up your smoking habit.

  • Weight management

Weight management can be a lifelong challenge for some people. You can learn to control your weight and make healthier choices in your life. You can create new eating and exercising habits that support your weight management goals with hypnosis.

  • Control pain

Constant pain in your body can feel debilitating in your life and keep you from enjoying things you want to do. With hypnosis, you can reduce your level of pain and feel in control again.

  • Prepare for surgery

If you have an upcoming surgical procedure, you can use hypnosis to prepare and accelerate the healing process. When you program the subconscious mind with information on the procedure, your body responds to the suggestions.

  • Accelerate healing

Similar to how you prepare for surgery, accelerating the healing process occurs when your subconscious mind knows what to heal. By using suggestions of recovery and healing, your body can respond positively and quicken the process of healing.

  • Master test taking

If taking tests is hard for you, hypnosis can increase your ability to recall the information through suggestion therapy. You can expose any mental blocks you may have to test taking and feel confident in your new abilities.

  • Accelerate learning

When you coach your mind in specific techniques and skills, you accelerate your ability to learn. Learning becomes enjoyable and easier for you. In fact, you might even find it is fun to learn.

  • Overcome addiction

Addictions can control you as a person and keep you in an endless loop that leads back to the addiction. Through hypnosis, you create more positive responses to the root of your addictions and increase your self-esteem level.

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

Your past life experiences may be effecting your current life patterns. Recognizing those influences in this life may help you get some understandings to things you bought with you! One example would be to look at a past life where you developed special talents and abilities.

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